Monday, January 8, 2018


Let's get one big and major thing straight. Men alone do not abuse women, girls and boys. There are women in the world who are horrible abusers too. Women who abuse their or other children, and those who are less powerful, are just as rotten as men who do.

You cannot blame all men for the rapes of people. Nor the placement of your position in a company. Women in power are more mean, ruthless and cruel to those who are in their way.

The women in Hollywood have gone nuts. They have decided that they are going tell things that happened over 40 years ago. Talk about things that WERE legal when they happened. If they were legal when they happened, you should not be complaining about them now. If you were of legal age, agreed to whatever you did. Shut up. If you didn't agree, why didn't your parents do something? Why? It was up to your parents to not allow you to date someone that much older than you.

I'm so sick of hearing about things that happened to women 40 years ago when they were teens, when it was legal where they lived. It may not be legal or acceptable now. But get over it. You don't have a reason to complain about it now if you didn't complain about it when it happened.

A lot of people had a much worse childhood than you did and they aren't crying over what happened to them. Instead of going on and on, go see a shrink or a social worker for talk therapy. You're richer than us normal average people. Just shut up.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Diabetic Forums with links to blogs/articles

I don't understand why some of the diabetic forums seem to enjoy linking to diabetic articles or blogs that tend to be full of downers. I mean I read two of them yesterday, that were just downers. The think that totally shocked me was I am the only person who thought that. The people got positive comments on what they wrote. I don't understand that.

This one tells you that most juvenile onset diabetics get depressed simply due to being a diabetic. I've heard that so often I want to scream. Why be depressed simply because you're a diabetic? I don't understand that. Diabetes is one of the easiest diseases/chronic illnesses to live with. You eat correctly and test your blood sugar and take your insulin. Watch where you walk, if you get a sore, make sure to treat it so it doesn't get infected. But then everyone should be doing everything we're doing.

Then this person goes on and on about how hard it is being a diabetic. Well life is hard. Being a diabetic isn't any more difficult than someone with stage four kidney disease, or cancer. At least we don't have to worry about losing our hair due to chemotherapy.

Then when people say that juvenile onset diabetes is a disability, I want to shriek a loud NO you morons. It is not a disability. It's a disease or an illness not a disability. There is no way in hell I want to be labeled as someone with a disability. Nope, no way no how. It's not going to happen. I've told people I'm a juvenile onset diabetic, but I've never said I have a disability. Not once. NEVER.

I've always told people about my diabetes. It isn't an embarrassment to me. Now maybe it's because I've been one since I was five and I don't know anything different. When I told one college friend about my diabetes, I learned that his sister was also a diabetic. I started writing her because of our diabetic link.

I didn't have people tell me about their family members losing legs or arms due to gangrene. I didn't have any family members who were also a juvenile onset diabetic. I am the only one is over 6 generations. Only me. No one else. Just me. And there was only one type two running around the family. Since these diseases are different, and she was in her 60's and I was a kid, we didn't talk. Nobody in my family nor did any of my friends try to tell me what to eat or what not to eat. Tried to tell me that I was going to die early, that I couldn't have children. None of that.

My being a diabetic really wasn't an issue. It was just a part of me. Why can't other juvenile onset diabetics feel that way too? I don't understand.

Friday, October 6, 2017

NFL has gone crazy

I can't believe the NFL. First Colin Kaepernick, that stupid QB, who wears socks calling police pigs. Then deciding he's not going to stand for the national anthem because he thinks police kill blacks more often than white people. That police officers are meaner to black people. Then the rest of the NFL doing the same thing. He's a jerk and not a very good quarterback.

Then any person who goes on their facebook face to say that the NFL players are babies, SOB's, ignorant, or just plain stupid, are called names. And they may be fired simply because they go on their private page to EXPRESS their opinion. That is FREEDOM of Speech. Excuse me but isn't this what the stupid NFL players are saying. If a person is fired for doing the exact same thing that the NFL players say they are doing, then what President Trump told the owners of the NFL teams was correct, Fire them for not standing. Because the NFL is a Business. It states in the rules that they are to stand for the national anthem and they are breaking the rules. I think the NFL players are stupid.

Now we have the Cam Newton, the QB of the Carolina Panthers being called names simply because he laughed at a question a stupid woman reporter asked him. When I heard the interview, I couldn't understand why anyone got bent out of shape. I am a female persona and I do not take offense at his laughter. I actually think it is right. It is funny hearing a woman ask any question to a professional male football player. It wasn't degrading to me or any woman who is sure of her femininity and sexuality.

I don't care if a women understands football, I do. I understand it more than my husband does. I don't like seeing a woman on the sidelines talking the any of the players or the coach. I don't like having to listen to a woman reporting the game. Most of the time these woman are not dressed correctly. I don't want to see their shoulders or how big their chests are. It's not a fashion show.

I don't like having women reporters in the locker room either. THEY DON'T BELONG IN MEN'S LOCKER ROOMS. I don't believe male reporters are allowed in women's locker rooms. So if men aren't allowed in women's locker rooms, women shouldn't be allowed in mens.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Insurnace Crap

I just learned today, September 18, ONE DAY after my 52nd anniversary of being diagnosed of Juvenile Onset Diabetes, that in all likelihood I will not be able to continue to use my Tandem T:Slim G4 Insulin Pump. Why? Because some jerk, at my husband's place of employment, who thinks they know something about juvenile onset/type 1 diabetics and insulin pumps, decided that the cartridges and syringes are not to be covered by his/my husband's policy. Customer support told me I could appeal this. So I'm waiting for an email telling me what all is needed for me to file the appeal. Needless to say, when I learned the cartridges were no longer covered, my blood sugar took a nose dive. The customer support woman was going to give me all the information over the phone, but I knew I'd never get it down correctly because I was so angry and with my blood sugar dropping, I knew I may make mistakes. Since she said she could email the information, I felt this was the safest way to get it.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Forums again

I've removed my membership from all but one of the diabetic forums I was a member of. I got sick and tired of putting up my suggestions, ideas and thoughts only to have them shot down by, a lot of the time, mothers of diabetics. A lot of the time, these parents, mainly the mothers, really don't know what they are talking about.

They seem to think, simply because they are the parent of a juvenile onset/type 1 diabetic, that they KNOW what it's like to actually live with the disease/chronic illness. Well they don't. Living with diabetes and being the caretaker or parent of one is not the same thing. Yes it's difficult to have a child with some sort of disease/ or disorder. It's not easy. It's harder on the person who has the disease or disorder. Especially when the person who is caring for them is a control freak.

Anyway, I found one forum where the parents don't post as often, and if they do, they listen to those of us who have had diabetes longer than most of these parents have been alive. We know what's it's like. We were alive before meters were used on a daily basis. We had to test our urine. We were lucky enough to use glass syringes and not the awful plastic syringes we are now forced to use if we use the syringe instead of the pen, which I won't ever use.


I've been having a discussion with, I believe a type 2 diabetic who it looks like has Medicare, or about to go on it. Apparently Medicare is a bit upset with Dexcom because they only have FDA approval of the G5 mobile CGM for dosing insulin. So Medicare has told Dexcom to make a G5 receiver that cannot be connected to the mobile device.

This fellow is being really obtuse about my responses. He says he doesn't understand what I'm saying. I've said the same things two different ways. The last time being more specific. He's just being a jerk. I think he's being stupid because he thinks he's better than me all because I don't have a smart phone.

#1 my T:Slim G4 can't use the G5. It's still under the original warranty. So I can't get it upgraded to the new version of the X2 without paying around $500. So I'm keeping the G4. I'm not going to carry two diabetic devices just to monitor my blood sugar. AND, the top reason is. How do I know that the G5 will be any better than the G4 in what my meter reads and what the CGM gives me. I don't.

I can understand why Medicare is doing this. It's economics. If a person doesn't have a CGM or doesn't have the right type of smart phone and knows the only way "legally" they can dose their insulin is using the mobile app, there will be some who will actually believe that Medicare has to purchase the right smart phone for them. Granted not all people are like this, but there are some. So Medicare is trying to prevent this by forcing Dexcom to get FDA approval for the G5 receiver for dosing too. I don't know why they didn't do this too. Because everything I've read, the only FDA approved dosing is the mobile app.

NOT EVERYONE has the G5 or a smart phone. Is it fair to them that they can't dose from their receiver? Yes they can do it, and I'm sure a lot do. BUT if they are like me and have problems with the CGM the majority of the time being incorrect, they could give themselves more insulin than they really needed. And since the receiver hasn't had the FDA approval yet, would Dexcom be at fault? I think not.

So Medicare is just looking out for itself.

Friday, August 18, 2017

About Racism

A little bit about me. I am an ultra conservative, but I don't call myself a Republican.

You are not born with the homosexual gene. You are not born with male sex organs then one day decide you're really a female. Both of those are mental illnesses. Hear me Left wing liberals. MENTAL ILLNESSES. Due to the political correctness and pressure, the mental health community removed them as mental disorders.

Abortion is murder. A baby is living breathing person at conception.

Nobody is better than me, nobody is worse. We are all the same in God's eyes. Every person is equal to me and I am equal to you. A movie star isn't better, a ditch digger isn't worse. We are all human beings. People we are all people no matter where we live, the color of our skins or how much money we make.

About this racist crap the left wing is going on and on about. I'm not sure what I'm suppose to call you so, don't get upset. All you blacks, Negroes or African Americans you don't have too much to complain about. The majority of you who are complaining were not injured in the slave trade. None of you were slaves. Maybe your parents and/or grandparents were around in the 50's and 60's when things were bad in the south. BUT you weren't there. So you have nothing to whine about. Sure, maybe you are descended from slaves, but that's all. Get over it.

The people in America who really have a reason to complain about racism are the American Indians. Look what we, as the white man, did to them. What the white people did to their home and country. The Indians have so much more to complain about. They have been shoved onto reservations. The black people haven't had that degradation. Think about it.

How would you black, Negro, African American's feel if you were to have been forced onto a reservation like the American Indian? Would you have liked that? The Indians LIVED HERE. The white people came and called them savages. We stole their land and country.

You don't see the American Indians whining about racism.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


There is nothing wrong with a statue of someone from the Confederate Army any more than a statue of Daniel Boone, or Abraham Lincoln.

Alt right does not equal neo-natz or white supremacists. Stop calling people who are racist alt right. They are not. People who are in the right wing and consecrative are not racist any more than those who are in the left wing and liberal racist.

In both groups, those who were for removing the statue of Robert E. Lee and those who wanted the statue to stay, had both bad and good people in their groups. I don't understand why the media is going crazy because President Trump said this. It's true. People get your head out of your ass and THINK.

There are always kooks in groups of people. There are always people there who aren't sure what's going on. They are just there to be part of a crowd. They don't know what's happening, They are just there to participate in something, anything. They are basically gawkers. Just like at fires and car accidents. There are those people who like to watch what's happening. They don't know what's going on, but they want to watch, be a part of it.

I also don’t give a rats as what any actor, actress or other hollywood liberal person thinks about what has happened ANYWHERE. A good portion of them have biased left-wing beliefs. These are the ones who don't care about the average person. They don't know or don't care how the average person thinks or feels. They believe, because they are on the screen, that they should be worshiped. That somehow their thoughts, beliefs are more important than the people who pay to see them on the big screen or on their television each week.

I'm sick of the Republicans not sticking up for our president. They should since they belong to the same political party. They should support him in public. If they disagree with him, do so in private.

Also get your butts in gear, repeal and replace Obama Care. You've been promising that for 7 years. Do it NOW. You control the House, Senate and the President's Office. It's what we elected you to do. And Please remember congress. You're there because you've been elected, you can be replaced.

You morons also consider being in Washington your jobs. It was not set up to be that way. Our founding fathers did not want you to think of your being a US Senator or Representative as your sole means of supporting your family. You were to go to DC and do the countries work, then go back home, check on your districts. THEN go to YOUR REAL JOB.

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