Thursday, July 6, 2017

This and that

If you're in the media, you have to have a thick skin. If you're in politics, you also have a thick skin. If you're going to insult someone, you're going to have to realize if they don't like the insult, they are going to fight back. And they may be dirtier than you are. It's just a fact of life. If you don't like the way some people play ball, don't play with them.

I'm so sick of the way the liberal media and the democrats in the senate and house are treating our legally elected President. If everyone would remember what President Trump said, they wouldn't be in a tither when he puts out his tweets. He said he'd fight back. If someone insulted him, he'd insult them. So people, if you don't want him to insult you, STOP making fun of him, his wife, his children, his policies. Instead start working on making America better. Do what you're suppose to do in Washington.

And why do the Senators and Representatives have no term limits? That is SO outrageous. This needs to be changed. Being in Washington D.D.was not suppose to be a persons full-time job. No, they were suppose to have another real job in their home state. They were suppose to come to Washington D.C. while the House and Senate were open to discuss whatever was on the agenda, then they went back to their homes and did their jobs there. AND they went around their home districts to check on what their constituents wanted, how they felt their elected official was doing in D.C.

And all the bull crap about Russia. Come on people. The Russians did not do anything with the election. They did not do anything with the DNC computers. If you remember correctly, they tried to get into the RNC's computers, not the DNC's. And tell me this. Why didn't the DNC allow someone outside of the DNC to look at their computer? Allow a real professional to check their computer? Why? Because they knew Russia didn't try to break into their computer. They just hate President Trump. They are cry babies and poor losers because Mrs. Slick Willy didn't get elected.


Eric d said...

to me, he needs to go,. his bill for vote did not pass,. his Russia stuff, is the tip of the ice-berg,. i can't call him my President,. where he out, & i hope it is soon,. i be happy,.

LRM said...

You can't blame a President for votes not being passed. Congress are the ones who pass the bills then it goes to the President for his signature.

President Trump did not do anything with Russia, that is just the Liberal Media trying to get people against him.

If I were to say ex-President Obama wasn't my President, I would have been called a racist simply because I'm white and he's 1/2 black and 1/2 white.

President Trump won the election fair and square. The Russians did not hack into the DNC's computer.

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