Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday- More Than Diabetes

Lets wrap up the week by sharing a little more about ourselves, beyond the chronic illness we or our loved ones live with. Share an interest, hobby, passion, something that is YOU. If you want to explore how it relates to or helps with diabetes you can. Or let it be a part of you that is completely separate from diabetes, because there is more to life than just diabetes!

First, I am the only juvenile onset diabetic in over 6 generations. So that is a real big thing. Nobody can figure out how/why I was the lucky one to get this disease. Why did I get it. What did I do. They never asked me, but they did ask my parents. The family never thought to ask this question when I wasn't around. I knew, after talking with my family doctor, that my being a diabetic wasn't my fault, so I just ignored my ignorant family members. But I'd still like to know why I'm the only juvenile onset. There are a few type 2's, but only ME as the juvenile onset.

As you've noticed, I use juvenile onset inset of type 1. Why you're probably asking. It's very simple. I was diagnosed as a juvenile onset and not a type 1. So I don't consider myself a type 1 so I don't call myself one. When I tell people I'm a diabetic I say I am a juvenile onset diabetic. When they ask what is that? I then say, you know it as type 1. When I write about being a diabetic on forums or other blogs, I always put juvenile onset/type 1 diabetic so people know I'm talking about the same disease.

Now off the diabetic wheel.

I was horribly abused by my entire family. You name the abuse I endured it. Why was I the lucky soul to have to put up with the abuse and having juvenile onset diabetes, I have no idea. I didn't talk about my abuse to anybody, so nobody knew about it.
Both my parents were alcoholics, which didn't cause the abuse, only made it worse. My friends did know about the alcoholism. I had friends stay overnight. I would warn them what to expect if they stayed overnight during the wintertime. Most of the time, when friends spent the night, it was during the summertime, when we had our tent put up in our backyard. My friends did not tell their parents about what went on during their stays at night at my house. I had wonderful friends.

I didn't go to the prom because I wasn't going to go if I didn't have anyone to dance with. I wasn't popular with the boys in my class or the class ahead or behind me. I didn't have a boyfriend in high school. Instead of going to the stupid prom my senior year a male friend and myself went to a movie. After the movie, we drove town around with a high beam flash light and flashed it on all the parked cars. That was so much more fun than going to a stupid dance. All my girlfriends told me I'd regret not going to my senior prom. I graduated from high school in 1978 and I still don't regret not going.

I don't use my real name on the internet, I just don't believe in doing that. Also because of my abusive past, I don't trust anyone. I love to read horror, sci-fi, sci-fantasy, paranormal. I also can write romance novels. I had wanted to write horror, but whenever I wrote anything with horror in it, romance cropped in. It was disgusting. So I had to start reading romance to learn how to write it better.

I had a horrible experience with a reverse vanity press. A friend told me about this new publisher so I went with them. This company then did not tell us that they didn't read your manuscripts, they wouldn't edit them. That they would charge exorbitant fees for the books. That they expected YOU the author to do all the work to get the word out about your new print book. They never told you that they were a vanity press.
Several month after I sighed with them, a published author brought to the front how rotten this company was. Unfortunately this company is still up and running and printing books that should never see the light of day. The one good thing is because of the bad press they received, book stores will now longer carry any of these books nor will they purchase any for book signings. The author has to buy them.
If I wouldn't have listened to my friend and waited six months, I could have had my book published by Harlequin. Harlequin had read and rejected my manuscript. In the rejection letter they told me to resubmit it in a six months or a year. I was too impatient.

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